Loctite 242 (50 ml)

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LOCTITE? 242 is a medium strength threadlocking adhesive offering general-purpose qualities. The product provides quick fixture times on steel, brass and stainless steel of 5, 15 and 20 minutes respectively.

Medium strength ? Removable with hand tools
Quick fixture time
Works on less active substrates also

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Prevents loosening and leakage from shock & vibration: It occupies all gaps between the mating threads and cures into a hard thermoset plastic that strengthens the assembly against shocks and seals the threads.
Fluorescent: It has a characteristic blue colour that fluoresces under UV light. This helps during service to detect as to whether or not the product had been applied.
Medium strength: When required, assemblies locked with this can be easily removed using standard hand tools.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Maximum Thread Size

M6 to M20 (1/4" TO 3/4")

Temperature Resistance

150 Degrees

Breakaway/ Torque (N.m)


Cure Time

10 min/24 hour

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Loctite 242 (50 ml)

508.00 (Inclusive of GST 18%)