Differential Pressure Gauge Supplier

Differential Pressure Gauge Supplier

Differential Pressure Gauges uses magnetic coupling principle to work. There are no bourden tubes or, moments in these Pressure Gauges, so you get a very long life to these gauges without any maintenance. Differential Pressure Gauges usually used in measuring the difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure of Filters, Strainers, Blower fans, Heat exchangers or, pumps.

A digital pressure gauge is an instrument used to accurately measure pressure in a liquid or gas and is an alternative to a mechanical analogue pressure gauge. Digital pressure gauges use a pressure transducer that converts the pressure to an electronic signal which can then be viewed on a digital display.

A digital pressure gauge remains calibrated a lot longer than an analogue pressure gauge. They perform well in areas of extreme vibration, pulsation, and corrosion. The reading is clear and may have the option of a back light if viewed in areas of low light. Digital pressure gauges can be easily customized; the gauge can be set-up specifically for use with whatever process is required. For example, units can be displayed as MPa, psi or bar.


Differential Pressure Gauge Supplier


Due to their accuracy, digital pressure gauges can be used with hydraulic and pneumatic comparators to calibrate analogue pressure gauges. The calibration is not as accurate as using a dead weight tester but is sufficient to 0.1% FS accuracy. Portable pneumatic and hydraulic test kits also benefit from a higher accuracy test by incorporating a digital pressure gauge. It is used in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, petrochemical etc.


Differential Pressure Gauges is among one of most demanding industrial tools thus its price sometimes varies depending on the supplier. And finding a reliable supplier is sometimes a time taking process. To resolve that situation Asma industrial is one of the best choice, our product’s quality and fair pricing, and our punctuality are key aspects. So if you are looking for Digital Differential Pressure Gauge Supplier in India then please please head over to our website by Clicking here or if you need any kind of assistance or guidance for purchasing feel free to Contact Us.

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